Find Your Money Accounting and Bookkeeping

Focus on your business, and your life!
Adriana Dragovic, owner of Find Your Money Inc. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, provides peace of mind to her clients. Once you start working with Adriana, you'll be able to take a deep breath of relief, knowing that you're books and accounting are in the best hands possible

-Avoid stress and reduce the time to figuring out accounting

-Concentrate on growing your business and skills

-Save money by not paying for a full time in house bookkeeper

-Have peace of mind knowing your books and accounting are in order

-Financials are ready to submit to Tax Preparers, Banks, Financial Advisors

-Financials are ready to submit to Government Agencies

Types of clients I'm looking for

Attorney Offices, Automobile Industry, Contractors, Elderly Care Facilities, Entertainment Business, Financial Advisors, Franchise Stores (ex. UPS, Verizon Wireless), IT-Computer Repair, Medical Facilities (dental, eye care, chiropractor etc), Motels, Personal Accounting, Real-Estate Accounting (residential and commercial), Real-Estate Lease Accounting, Resale Business (equipment inventory), Restaurants, Retail Business (inventory involved), Tanning Salons, Trucking Businesses, Trust Administration Accounting

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